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Welcome to QR Guest Register. Helping businesses get back to work. QR codes are an easy way to introduce contactless check in for your customers, and it’s 100% COVID Compliant*.

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Contactless, Compliant & COVID-Safe

Simply scan the QR code to register, without pens, risk and it’s paperless. Data records are securely stored, based on government regulations.

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Cross-industry Compatible

QR Guest Register is Australia’s most reliable contact tracing app across many industries including retail, hospitality, clubs, restaurant and more!

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Make your business more efficient

Forget printing and storing customer records. Let QR Guest Register do it for you. It's easy to sign up and manage.

Safe, Easy Guest Check-in Solution

Contact Tracing for Any Business

QR Guest Register can be used for a range of businesses - From Cafes to small retail stores, your business can be quickly and easily compliant and COVID-Safe.

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Bars & Clubs
  • Sports
  • Tours
  • Live Performances
  • Multiple Locations
  • Any State/Territory
  • Food Courts
  • Retail
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Events
  • Attractions
  • Theatres
  • Units/Housing Areas
  • Franchises

The simple way to register guests during COVID-19

Make QR Guest Register a part of your COVID-safe plan, and let us help you get back to work fast and your customers experience your service quickly and safely.

Our Guest Check-in solution is easy to use, and our service lets customers check-in from their mobile phone. The data that is stored, is stored securely for the timeframe stipulated by the Australian Government, and then is removed immediately. If the government is checking for compliance, or they need a record of venue customers who’ve visited, then you’ve got all boxes ticked.

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easy covid19 checkin

Easy and Safe for Customers to Use

Customers will be impressed, and feel safe in your venue with a simple check-in register, and added contactless transaction processes. Guests can use memory data from previous check-ins to easily submit another visit to your venue. To make it even easier, and the date and time and location are all recorded automatically. Our system is designed to reduce the time it takes for customers to get back to enjoying the service you provide.

Our Data Collection is for Contact Tracing ONLY

All customer data is automatically deleted after 28 days (56 days for QLD locations) and is ONLY used for contact tracing purposes. We DO NOT use this data for marketing or research unlike other guest register systems. Some states specifically mention not to use guest registration systems for marketing purposes - Avoid getting fined and use a guest register system that isn't interested in selling personal data!

Unlike other QR guest register systems we are an Australian business, located in Brisbane and we are not a marketing company - Our system meets all state and territory requirements, all data is located in Australia and our system is constantly updated over time. Your data is safe with us.

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Are you a COVID-Safe business?

Over 1000 Australian businesses use QR Guest Register to keep their customers COVID-Safe and to minimise the effects of deep cleans and lockdowns. Keep your business opened and your customers safe like these great businesses below. Our clients are located all across Australia - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin!

It’s easy for customers and it’s COVID safe

Our system is annualised with a 12 month subscription of $59 incl.GST. Once registered, you’ll be able to login, print your Unique QR code, which you can place in sight for customers to see and scan with their phone’s camera. Immediately, you’ll be recording the necessary data incase it’s needed by your state’s health providing department, and you’ll be supplying an added level of reduced contact for the safety of your customers.

* Please check your state's COVID-19 contact tracing requirements - Some states require the use of their own QR check-in system for specific industries.